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Fireplace Surround Facings

Granite, Marble, Travertine & Slate Fireplace Surround Facings - Complete Systems

Our marble, granite, limestone, travertine and slate fireplace surround facings systems are naturally beautiful and offered in contemporary yet timeless colors including several hues of black, beige, gold, taupe, green and other warm earth tones. We use natural stones, quarried from the earth from around the world and our full size fireplace facing slabs are preferred by designers and discriminating homeowners since there are no mortar joints or tedious fitting of tiles.  Granite is the most durable and stain resistant of all stones and requires less routine maintenance.  All stones should be sealed on at least an annual basis, and our marbles and granite facings are polished to a semi-gloss finish.  There is a slight mitre/bevel on the corners that normally show after the installation of a full fireplace mantel.

We offer two standard sizes of facing systems and can custom cut these to fit most fireplaces. Our marble and granites are 3/4" thick and the side edges visible after the installation of a full fireplace mantel are automatically polished. Speak with one of our design associates if you need any assistance in choosing a color, a custom size, or if you need 'outside' edges polished. Use the "contact us" form above to order a stone sample.  NOTE:  we offer cutting (with 1/8" tolerances) and polishing services, too.

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