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Beadboard Collection | 4x8 Plywood Paneling

Tall Wainscoting | Mud Room | WhiteLet our beadboard paneling open up a world of paneling design ideas for you!  Cover a full wall or ceiling with beaded wood paneling or go halfway to two-thirds the way up the wall for a more contemporary look.   Conventional wainscoting height is 30 to 36 inches tall and will add traditional cottage styling to just about any room. 

While our paneling can be used anywhere indoors, homeowners typically select our high quality, paintable and stainable birch veneer beadboard panels for cozy, comfortable rooms, baths, kitchens, and other more casual  areas of the home.  For more formal areas, many customers opt for our fine, ready-to-stain oak veneers or our any of our laminated (pre-finished) beaded wood paneling with beautiful natural wood grain choices ranging from birch and cherry, to rustic pine, pecan, oak and more.  We even have a luxurious Black Forest beaded paneling system for a contemporary motif with its dramatic midnight brown subtle wood grain laminate finish. 

With each bead created with our double-groove pattern, our genuine plywood beadboard paneling (with either a quality prefinished laminate or our unfinished veneers) are very effective on walls, islands, accent walls and ceilings.  Full 4 x 8 foot sheets are available as well as precut 32" High x 48" Wide Wainscoting Panels.  Use our full sheets for ceilings or for full wall height coverage or use full sheets for a contemporary look with medium-to-high wall height wainscoting.  Use our 32" precut panels for a traditional wainscoting look.  Most panels are available with double beads every 2" and some are also available with 4" wide double-groove spacing.  Pre-finished laminate beadboard make for a quick and easy design solution and we have ready-to-finish genuine wood veneer product choices, as well, ready for your custom finishing, once installed. Our beadboard has grooved long edges to discreetly abut adjacent panels  Most of our paneling is IN STOCK, can ship immediately, and there is no extra charge for shipping!  Quantity pricing is detailed on each paneling page, but if you want to mix/match a variety of different panels, you can do this over the phone with any of our sales staff!  Place your order today!  View our Beadboard Paneling Gallery.   Order Paneling Samples here

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