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How To Appreciate Wood Paneling

A few words about walls and wood paneling

No matter how carefully rugs, draperies and other furnishings are assembled or how much they cost, if the walls of a room aren't just right, nothing looks right.  Don't sell your walls short! Ever.  Give them plenty of thought and consider them first in whatever remodeling or redecorating plan you have.

More than any other wallcovering, wood paneling imparts a sense of permanence.  It has a living quality that can be vibrant, warm and always natural.  It might add a satisfying texture or strength and stability.  There is no self-conciousness aor affectation about it.  Wood paneled walls are a versatile, most receptive background for almost any decorating style.

It's also a fact that fine wood paneling adds appreciably to the value of your home, and happily, the price ranges of our wall paneling selections start at 'very affordable' and run the gammit to exclusive and elegant, including high-end selections in raised panels to cherry and walnut tongue and groove plank wainscoting.

Take a look around you.

Are your own walls a proper background for your furnishings?  Look over your friends' walls, too.  You may get some pretty good ideas for your own, not to mention mistakes to avoid!

Problem Walls.

Are they perfectly smooth, but perfectly boring?  Are they rough and bumpy, or have an otherwise 'bad' finish?  Are they just coated over and over with paint than has visible runs or chips?  Water damage?  Paneling will hide a multitude of problems with your walls!

What's good about wood.

Wood paneling wears well, in more ways than one.  It adapts to any redecorating you'll be doing through the years.  Its appeal is constant and unaffected by changes in fashion.  And it's durable - a most permanent wall treatment, backed by a limited warranty.

How to choose the proper paneling.

Once you decide to panel, you're half way there.  A paneled room is easier to decorate effectively than one that's painted or papered.  The pictures, suggestions and galleries throughout this website will show you the range and versatility of our our selections.  And we will send you samples of our wood paneling!

Yes, you can do it yourself!

Most of our wall paneling products are simple to install, and may be done by most homeowners with just some very basic carpentry skills.  Be sure to measure carefully, and use sharp tools that are in good shape. 

More on our Plywood Paneling.

We're justifiably proud of our plywood wall paneling.  Proud of the materials we use and the workmanship that only skilled craftsman employ.  Many contribute to the quality of our product and where others may skimp, we do not.  Our panel finishes are meticulously appied, whether you're looking at our genuine paintable or stainable hardwood veneer paneling product or our reproduced wood grain laminate paneling.  All are inspected on a regular basis with particular care.  To deter warpage and expansion and contraction (a known issue with mdf and fiber core products) our plywood panels are structurally sound, which balances the face veneers.  Even the inner core (the inner plies) of our plywood panels are specially selected for strength and stability. 

Whatever paneling you select, approach it as an investment and ask questions.  Check carefully to make sure that the finish will look as good years from now as it does when new.  That the panels themselves won't split or crack.  That the cores won't eventually "photograph" knots, holes and other rough grain through the laminate and spoil the face of the panel.  Make sure you're getting all the quality you pay for!

One way to be sure is to buy paneling made by American Pacific.  We are THE paneling people and have an enviable reputation