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Design The Space

Wood Paneling Ideas and Tips

Wood Paneling - A Unifying Element

Think outside the box with paneling!  Don't confine it to 8' walls or use it simply to cover up a tired or damaged surface.  If you'll consider wood paneling a style element, the possibilities are endless!

Recently a homeowner faced several challenges while planning an addition to their existing structure:

  1. Transition old and new functionality and styles
  2. Remove or hide the original  "popcorn ceiling"
  3. Incorporate a contemporary design with traditional styling, and
  4. Keep the new design on budget

Their solution was to unify the new addition with the existing space using flat library paneling, an application that provided rich style to the space.  To help address their desire for a nice transition from the older space into the contemporary new space, they chose to use a fashionable interior white paint on the walls and ceiling and a light color on the flooring to very effectively marry the contemporary and traditional styles.  The result was a unique set of solutions combined to address several design criteria.


Select from an array of light to dark wood colors with our laminate Library Paneling for an economical product that requires no finishing, for custom styling down to choosing the stain finish you'll use!  Either option can create a great space!

Paneling Cleaning Tip! 

Laminate paneling is easy to keep clean, just wipe with a damp cloth with a non-abrasive, mild detergent.  Wipe again with dry cloth.  the care of finished wood veneer panels depends, in part, on how it was finished.  Most times, a wood veneer that is stained is also coated with a protective finish such as polyurethane.  You shouldn't use a cleaner that will eat away at the finish, or that will leave any cloudy residue or wax which you may get if you use a commercial cleaner.  Polyurethane can be cleaned with a few drops of dish soap in a few cups of water.  Spray this mixture on a clean rag, and wipe the wood panel in the direction of the wood veining. Don't over saturate either the rag or the wall; just use enough moisture to loosen any stubborn dirt, and allow the wall to air dry.  

Designer Hints You can follow:

  1. Incorporate panels or planking into the design of islands and built-in furniture
  2. Use panels throughout the home as a unifying element
  3. Consider that laminated beadboard is a quick and easy design solution
  4. If you choose unfinished panels, use semi-gloss paint as a durable and excellent surface material
  5. Remember that paneling complements any style, whether modern, traditional, or anything in between

How to Panel a Wall taller than 8 feet:

You can create a great look with 4x8 paneling, even if your walls are taller than 8-feet.  First, you can pick up some additional height with a tall baseboard at the floor and/or crown molding or a simple wood strip at the ceiling.  If you have 9-foot or taller ceilings, you might consider the method detailed in the following images.  Install the 4x8 sheets at the base, then carefully measure and cut other panels for the extra height needed, and attach to the wall, lining up the grooves.  Use a trim strip (e.g., like a 2" wide lattice trim) to hide the splice joint between the paneling, as simplified in these images:

 Note:  Always take care to measure correctly, and install panels plumb.  Use of a sharpened saw, chalk lines and a carpenter's level is recommended.


Western red Cedar Paneling in a bedroom