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Stone Mantel Installation Instructions - Corinthian

Thank you for your interest in our Corinthian light-weight thin cast stone mantel.  Here are some general installation instructions.  There is a product installation video that we suggest you view, and use in combination with the written instructions.

Suggested tools to have on hand

  • Level
  • Construction Adhesive (for use with masonry products
  • Tape Measure
  • Masking Tap
  • Drill/bit
  • Circular Saw/Masonry Blade
  • Dusk Mask

Most of the mantels themselves, will come with four surround filler/facing panels (two surround legs, a header and a riser), two mantel legs, the mantel shelf, the hearth, Installation Instructions and a packet of brackets and screws.

Step 1 - Hearth and Surround Filler/Facing Panels

Stone Surround Facing Panels Installed

Install the hearth, centering it with the center of the firebox.  Level and adhere the hearth to the floor with thinset or construction adhesive. 

Dry fit the four filler surround panels, and trim with circular saw as needed to align inside edges with the opening of your fireplace, or so that louvered panels and/or firebox door panels are not covered.  Typically, you can overlap the fireplace by 3/8" to 3/4."  If your firebox is raised on the wall, you will need to use the surround facing riser, cut to size.  Normally, the Riser is cut so that it fits between the surround facing legs.  The riser panel is not needed if your fireplace is right at the floor level.  If needed, adhere the cut-to-size riser to the wall with construction adhesive.

The surround facing legs are next.  Measure for these, from the top of the hearth, to the the height of where you want the bottom of the stone header to be, normally just at or slightly below the fireplace opening height.  Cut the facing legs height.  Also, you can only have a maximum of 56" overall width from the outside of the surround leg, across the front to the outside of the opposite surround facing leg.  If you have a wide fireplace, you will need to "rip" down the width of the surround facing legs as well, so they are no wider than a total of 56" wide.  Install surround facing legs with adhesive tape, with the finished edge 'inside' as this will be visible once the mantel is fully installed.

Next, attach the surround facing header, using construction adhesive, holding in place firmly against the wall while the adhesive sets up.

Step 2 - Install Mantel Legs

Install one mantel leg, each one 24" from the centerline, so that when both legs are installed, there is 48" Stone Mantel Leg Being Installedbetween them.  The outside/cut edges of the surround facing legs hide behind the inside edge of the mantel legs.  Level the legs, if needed, and mark a mounting hole on the top, at the wall.  Use a drill to prepare the mounting hole, place the leg back into position and mount with screw through the mounting bracket.  There are some extra wall mounting brackets in case the first screw doesn't go into a stud. Repeat both sides.

Step 3 - Install Mantel Shelf

Locate the Mantel Shelf mounting brackets, measure 7 1/2" above both of the mantel legs, and mark these Mantel Shelf Mounting Bracket Installedpositions.  Draw a level line across, to each of these two marks.  Locate the center of this line, and measure a minimum of 18" in both directions to locate and position two mantel shelf mounting brackets from the packet.  These should go into studs, if possible, or use some type of suitable wall anchor/molly bolt, or other. 

With a second person, carefully lift the mantel shelf, and place it on top of the legs, centering it as best you Stone Mantel Shelf being installedcan, while also engaging the brackets just installed at the back, on the wall.  Insure the shelf is fully seated, and you are now ready to move on to your next project!